2015 bhpetrol euro4m ron97 launch september main - BHPetrol Double Barrel Hunt Contest Episode 5

Watch Episode 5 of Driven and count the number of times the BHPetrol Double Barrel Nozzle appears in the show (The Double Barrel Nozzle is accompanied by a target graphic in the show. Actual fuel nozzles that appear on the show are not considered as the Double Barrel Nozzle).

Purchase a minimum of RM30 at participating BHPetrol stations to be eligible to enter The Double Barrel Hunt. Ask for a card and you will be given one with a serial number. You will need to keep your copy of the card. You will have to enter the serial number below.

Top five winners will be selected every week. First place winners from all ten weeks will be invited to attend the Driven Track Day on 25th June where a Grand Prize winner will be selected.

Join Episode 5′s Hunt!

Contest for Episode 5 will end on the 15th of May 2010 at 12 PM.

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