BHPetrol Inifiniti Euro5 Diesel 5 630x353 - BHPetrol Double Barrel Hunt Contest Episode 6

Watch Episode 6 of Driven and count the number of times the BHPetrol Double Barrel Nozzle appears in the show (The Double Barrel Nozzle is accompanied by a target graphic in the show. Actual fuel nozzles that appear on the show are not considered as the Double Barrel Nozzle).

Purchase a minimum of RM30 at participating BHPetrol stations to be eligible to enter The Double Barrel Hunt. Ask for a card and you will be given one with a serial number. You will need to keep your copy of the card. You will have to enter the serial number below.

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Top five winners will be selected every week. First place winners from all ten weeks will be invited to attend the Driven Track Day on 25th June where a Grand Prize winner will be selected.

Join Episode 6′s Hunt!

Contest for Episode 6 will end on the 22nd of May 2010 at 12 PM.

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