Season 1 of Driven has recently concluded and you can catch-up on the episodes right here! The Driven team is working hard to bring you Season 2.



In our season premiere both Sharizan and Alis check out the latest mid-sized sedan from Ford, the Mondeo and we also share our views on alternative fuel.

Harvinder shows us how easy it is to perform simple vehicle servicing at home in a special three part series. Lastly we take BMW’s diesel-powered flagship the 730Ld and put it to the test, on the road and on track. Click here to watch Episode 1.



In Driven’s second episode Alis spends some time with the all new Toyota Prius hybrid. Harvinder continues with his quick service tips and shows us how easy it is to change a spark plug.

Our Insider gives his two cents about some interesting concept cars while Sharizan takes the Mercedes-Benz E-Class out for a quick drive and finds out if the new E-Class betters the model it replaces. Click here to watch Episode 2.



In Driven’s third episode our team puts Malaysia’s two national MPVs, the Alza from Perodua and the Exora from Proton face to face in a shootout to see which one comes out on top.

We also test the MPVs in a rather unconventional way, in a slalom course! Harvinder concludes his quick service tips with tips on how to change your vehicle’s engine at home! Click here to watch Episode 3.



In the fourth installment of Driven, Alis reviews the good looking Forte while Harvinder and Sharizan puts nitrogen gas in tires to the test to find out if it helps save fuel.

Our Insider examines modern the turbodiesel engine and shows why its very different from the smokey and not so efficient engines used in trucks! We also put the diesel-powered BMW 320d to the test, on the road and on track! Click here to watch Episode 4.



In episode 5 we perform our first ever superbike review at the Sepang circuit with the S1000RR from BMW and we also check out another German beauty, the sexy Volkswagen Passat CC.

Our Insider talks about latest automotive technologies that help you save fuel and Sharizan concludes the episode with the stunning Alfa Romeo 159, reviewed in a rather Italian way! Click here to watch Episode 5.



In the 6th episode of Driven the team reviews the Triton-based Mitsubishi Pajero Sport both on and off road with Dakar Rally Champion Hiroshi Masuoka from the Land of the Rising Sun.

We will also showcase MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) and its recent underrun crash test involving a Perodua Alza while Alis takes the sweet-looking Ford Fiesta for a spin in a special exclusive review! Click here to watch Episode 6.



In this special 7th installment of Driven, the team puts Klang Valley’s transportation system to the test as Sharizan, Alis and Harvinder accomplish various objectives using a bike, a car and our public transportation system. We find out which mode is the most effective both in terms of time and money.

We round off the episode by driving the Porsche Panamera S around some hilly bends! Click here to watch Episode 7.



Episode 8 of Driven brings you all the way to Lisbon, Portugal as Harvinder test drives the brand new BMW 5-Series. Sharizan and Alis also check out one of Volvo’s latest offerings, the XC60.

Driven also showcases the high-octane world of motorsport with a feature on grass root motorsport while our Insider talks about Malaysia’s latest venture into Formula 1 with the Lotus Racing team. Click here to watch Episode 8.



In Driven’s ninth episode Harvinder takes you for a spin in the Volkswagen Scirocco while Sharizan takes on an uphill battle with the diesel-powered Ford Focus TDCi.

The team also does a special on the pre-owned car market. All three hosts reveal their picks on their favorite executive class pre-owned cars, with each costing about RM50,000! Click here to watch Episode 9.



Driven Episode 10 brings you the facelifted Mitsubishi Lancer as Sharizan takes it for a spin to find out if this new compact sedan is worthy of carrying the very successful Lancer nameplate. Driven also showcases the legendary Henry Ford.

Our Insider talks about the engine lubricant while Harvinder does Driven’s first ever classic car review with a rather vintage 1931 Ford Model A. Click here to watch Episode 10.



In episode 10, Alis brings the brand spanking new BMW X1 out for a road trip with her family. The trip down memory lane continues with a special feature on a classic Volvo P1800S.

Sharizan takes on a horsepower frenzy around mountainous roads and allows himself to be devoured by the monstrous Nissan GT-R R35, a car that quickly became a legend with its lap time battles, against Porsche. Click here to watch Episode 11.



This episode brings you the all new Persona Elegance from Proton as Harvinder and Alis review the facelifted Persona with a special Japanese contender.

There is also an auto review that many of you have been longing for as both Sharizan and Harvinder test out the Volkswagen Golf GTI in its latest iteration. We find out if this car really deserves all the praises it has been receiving. Click here to watch Episode 12.



In our final installment of Driven Season 1, we put both Harvinder and Alis in a quick drift lesson and find out who can make a better drift after a day of training in a drift-prepped Nissan 350Z.

We also bring you the highlights of the Driven Track Day and conclude Season 1 with Driven’s first review of a Prancing Horse as Sharizan takes the wheel of a 460hp Ferrari California. Click here to watch Episode 13.