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Frozen Halal Food

What is halal?

Let me freshen up your brain, when a food product is listed as halal, it usually means that there are no traces of pork in said food and the animals of any meat in the food are slaughtered in accordance to Islamic regulations and rules. The word halal comes from the Arabic language, and when it is translated, it literally means ‘permissible’. Muslims are usually consumers of halal food products, but anyone can consume them too! In Singapore, about 14 percent of the population are Muslim so it makes sense for there to be a Halal food industry in the country that can cater to them.

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You might even find some halal frozen food supplier Singapore on their grocery store frozen sections, there will be a label on them listing them as such. Frozen food might have a bad rep in general, but with new advances in the way we store food, frozen food is just as healthy as fresh food. The nutrients can still remain in frozen food and nowadays companies do not put as much sodium in them. Sometimes too much frozen food will cause harm to your liver too.

Many frozen meals are created for weight loss, companies like Dietlicious with their range of custom weight loss meals are designed to ensure a healthy diet while losing weight. They are usually low in calories but filling. Carbs are also considerably low in these types of meals. But before you go on and stuff yourself with frozen meals, do have some freshly made items from time to time, just because frozen food won’t be that detrimental to your health, doesn’t mean that you can eat it a lot, keep it in moderation, like all your meals and food, too much is what is bad for you. So yes, do not be afraid to go ahead and grab that frozen meal!

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