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Searching for jobs can be difficult and a hassle to think about. Sometimes, it will seem like you have done all the right things when it comes to your job search, but you are still unsuccessful. Some people had it easier and know exactly what they want. In some cases, even if they already know what they want, sometimes they are not in luck, such as there is no availability in that certain job position or somebody else who is better qualified already filled that vacant spot which is too bad. In the worst-case scenario, some people don’t even have the motivation to find jobs. They would rather spend their free time at home but then end up with five months bills left to pay.

So, stop blaming yourself if you have not found yourself that right job even if you have been looking for it hard. You have to consider yourself lucky enough to still have the will and perseverance to search for jobs, while others don’t. It is tough to find jobs in Malaysia which is why unemployment among graduates is at a high rate nowadays. Fresh graduates who have just finished their studies have a hard time finding jobs due to certain demands that companies look for and it’s hard to reach their expectations because of their lower level of education and lack of experience.

However, of course, these people have to start somewhere as well. I believe that people who already have a fixed career path in their life now was once just a beginner as well and are lacking in so many ways in terms of the industry that they are indulging themselves right now. This goes the same for unemployed graduates. From my perspective, there are actually certain elements or keys that are found to contribute to a successful job search. Here are a few of them.


#1 Have faith and perseverance

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Rejection sucks, but it is totally normal. Never hearing back is even worse. This applies to find jobs as well. Just when you thought that you did great for the interview and the hiring manager seems to like you but turns out that the company has taken down the job posting online because they hired someone new that probably has something that you’re lacking.

These days, you need to do more than just send in a decent cover letter and arrive on time for the interview with the best set of clothes that you have. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like that and you need to stand out from the crowd. The job search is not a marathon, so you don’t have to sprint all the way to the finish line to beat all the other competitors looking for the same position.

You have to remind yourself that it is totally okay to be a little behind on the road, everybody has their own journey. Try checking in with yourself every few days and figure out your current emotional state. Don’t be stressed out, it’s literally not the end of the world.


#2 Make sure it’s the right timing

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Alright, when you are sure that you have the right amount of perseverance, now you’ve got to find the right timing. Look for job postings online and always keep up-to-date with their recent hiring. This is especially for the company that you look forward to working with, ask them if they have availability or any vacant spot for jobs. If they don’t, move on to the next job hunt so that you don’t have to waste your time anymore. It is useless to wait on something which does not guarantee you anything, you might miss out on another golden opportunity.


#3 Be certain of your skills

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At this point, you might already have set your mind on a specific job position. So, now you have to somehow figure out your strengths and weaknesses. In this case, you have to be able to sharpen up your strength such as having both hard and soft skills. Hard skills include having the abilities or specific knowledge in things like web design, computer programming, writing or any other quantifiable skills that are listed in the requirements of a job. Meanwhile, soft skills are the attributes that make you a savvy business professional like your style of communication, how you work with others and how other people would describe you.

As for your weaknesses, of course, you have to learn to minimize them as much as you can. Try to find ways to get rid of them. But the most important thing is that you have to be aware of them. It might be hard and take a lot of practice to get rid of your bad little habits but anything is possible if you have that full determination.


#4 Do the customization needed

List out all the companies that you have searched for and cut off the ones that you think have the job position that you are not best suited for or aren’t necessarily the ones that are going to come to fruition. If you don’t want to cut them off completely, just place them on the bottom of the list, so that you know it’s not something you will be most hopeful about.

Also, the majority of hiring managers won’t even look at your resume if your cover letter is too vague or generalized. So, be as specific as you possibly can with your job application. It is best if you can tailor your resume according to each kind of job or company that you apply to. For instance, you can create a few different versions of your resume or change the job title on every resume to match the job you’re applying to.

And, it’s just as important to make sure that your resume and cover letter are free of any grammatical errors or typos. Your resume isn’t the only one being checked by the hiring manager, so if you made a typo, your application might get thrown in the reject pile immediately.


#5 Leave an impression that last

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GettyImages 521813533 1 e1531928887954 1024x450 - Keys to Successful Job Searching

Yes, first impressions are said to be the main key but did you know that leaving a good last impression is also just as important? For sure, on the day of the interview, you should put together a somewhat professional, presentable looking outfit, iron your shirt, polish your shoes, and all that good stuff. Sure, you had a firm handshake with the interviewer and flashed the brightest smile, but it doesn’t just end there. You can ask for a business card as well and get in contact with the interviewer afterwards.

On the same day, after your session ended, you can log on to your email and send him or her a thank you note, just to thank the interviewer for taking their time to speak with you. This is also to make sure the interviewer doesn’t just forget about your existence, and their memory about you still lingers in their mind even after interviewing several other potential employees. Not only does this score you a brownie point but also, a way to reiterate your interest in the position or mention anything that you perhaps miss out during the interview and didn’t have the chance to say it.


Don’t be dismayed if you still have not had a successful job hunt. Everything will come into place if you have a little bit of faith and in addition, make sure to take note of the important elements that are mentioned above. Understand what your job titles mean across industries and company, as well as, the skills and experience being requested. If the job descriptions are asking for magical unicorns or twice your experience for half the pay, you won’t be hearing back anyway. So, keep at it and things will inevitably work itself out.

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