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Are you looking for palm oil fertiliser manufacture for your plantation? Do you know apart from the oil that we use daily, palm oil can be made into a whole bunch of other products? Yes, that’s right! It can be used for various purposes from cosmetics to food, even fertiliser! Many palm oil factories are working to create more brand new products from palm oil as time goes by.

So, do you ever thought of which products would make palm oil as its significant base? Why are they made into such products? Well, well, well, this article is meant for you then!

First of all, palm oil is a significant ingredient in lipstick. Most of the lipstick in the market are made of palm oil, Ms Pretty. Why did you ask? It’s because it has the ability to keep the original colour very well and also because it does not easily melt if it is to be put under high Fahrenheit. Another thing is due to its tasteless nature and smoothen the application to the wearer. Certain frozen food has palm oil in it as well, which may be bad for your liver.

Not just cosmetic, palm oil is also being used in the fast-food industry. Yup, your pizza and instant noodles are one of them. The former is because palm oil will help in stopping the dough from getting sticky and serves better structure to it. The latter on the other hand is because, in the process of pre-cooking the noodles, the palm oil occupies 1/5 of the total weight for a packet. It is done so that you can just add hot water to your noodles for it to be cooked.

Another fun fact is that palm oil is used in making shampoo. This thanks to its capability in kicking off oil and dirt found around the hair and skin. The palm oil also helps to moisturise them. Not just shampoo, but this ingredient can also be found in detergent. It helps to keep the natural oils of the hair. In addition, palm oil can be made into soap and other cleaning agents as well.

In conclusion, there are many products you can get from palm oil which can be made into a variety of daily items. If you buy palm tree fertiliser in Malaysia, it will totally worth your penny!






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